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As part of SoftDent continuous software improvement program, a key feature called Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) was introduced to PharmaCODE mobile version.

CLM module, called Cluum, is a set of processes used to improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing interaction of a pharmaceutical company and its clients. It improves face-to-face communication, allows to focus on the key message brought to the client, enables to identify the target audience and deliver personalized content to it.

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Cluum module includes:

  • eLibrary
    • Electronic content on a tablet
    • Presentations, videos, documents, pictures etc.
    • Centrally managed
    • Accessible to all users
  • eDetailing:
    • Content presentation to customers
    • Automatically stored eDetailing statistics
    • Integration with daily activity reporting
  • Results analysis
  • Interactive presentations created from existing slides
CLM Processes:

SoftDent commits to prepare and integrate into PharmaCODE Mobile any marketing content provided by the customer. At the customer request we can also create custom reports, which represent additional tool to measure sales performance, or to target the audience more effectively than before.

Download Cluum presentation