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  Get the Edge of Your Competition with PharmaCODE Mobile View and update critical customer information in real time from almost any smartphone or tablet. Increase field performance with state-of-the-art PharmaCODE Mobile by turning your mobile devices into valuable business tools.
Key functionalities of PharmaCODE Mobile:
  • Data management on-the-fly:
    • Customer information management
    • Activity Planning
    • Activity reporting
    • Reports
  • Closed Loop Marketing module (CLM)
  • Convenient user interface
  • User location tracking
  • Supports almost any smartphone or tablet
  • Constant access to data and functionality
  • Time saving tool
  • Additional data collection:
    • Questionnaires
    • Pharmacy monitoring (agreements, stocks, etc.)
    • Orders
  • Higher sales force performance
Help your team go mobile! PharmaCODE Mobile module will reduce sales downtime, increase customer face-to-face time and will put you ahead of your competitors